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B2C e-commerce logistics management leads to where!

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B2C e-commerce logistics management leads to where!

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E-commerce will become the mainstream business model of the 21st century. In the past two years, B2C has been developing rapidly in our country, and various shopping websites have provided a large number of products for consumers. But, due to the logistics management system is not perfect, keep pace with the development of electronic commerce speed, so that the formed distribution bottleneck: service cannot control and assurance, the problems in the response too slow, out-of-town distribution costs, low efficiency, can be delivery to the city scope was small, and many other problems, restricting the development of B2C business. If there is not enough understanding and sufficient attention to the logistics of e-commerce, the advantages of e-commerce are hard to come into play in our country.

A complete e-commerce transaction process typically includes the following four basic "flows" : information flow, business flow, capital flow and logistics. Information flow refers to the exchange of information about transactions; Commercial flow refers to a series of activities of the transfer of ownership in the purchase and sale of commodities. Capital flow refers to the transfer process of capital during transaction. Logistics refers to the process by which a product entity flows from the supplier to the demander.

B2C e-commerce 4 logistics modes

The logistics mode of EMS service is adopted. Implementation of electronic commerce enterprise or business from a web site or virtual network website information such as the consumer's shopping list and address, and then go through the formalities of the express mail at near the post office will send the goods, the pickup notification consumers receive the post office, to the local post office to retrieve the goods, or directly by the postman to send goods to customers at home.

The EMS method is convenient and fast. But there are problems with this approach. First, EMS service charges are high, and if this part is borne by enterprises or merchants, the operating profit will be greatly reduced. If it is borne by consumers, it will be hard for consumers to accept the low-priced items. Second, it is difficult for EMS to ensure that consumers deliver goods within the expected time.

The logistics mode of self-built distribution of website. Enterprises or websites set up their own distribution points in the densely populated areas of the country. After receiving the shopping information of consumers, the personnel of the distribution point will deliver the goods to the door of customers.

This mode of logistics can satisfy consumers' "instant purchase" shopping psychological needs. But it also has the following problems. Firstly, it is difficult to determine the distribution of distribution points, the number of personnel and the inventory of commodities. Secondly, due to the need to meet users' immediate needs, there is a strict requirement for distribution. It is clear that higher distribution costs require greater distribution of goods.

Through the model of third-party logistics enterprises. The third party logistics is the professional logistics company entrusted by the e-commerce subject to the external logistics company. The logistics company does not own the goods, but instead signs cooperation agreements or alliances with enterprises or merchants.

By adopting this kind of logistics management, the time to serve consumers is faster than the above two methods, and the service is specialized, multi-functional and all-round. But if delivery is too small, the cost of delivery is generally higher than the EMS service. This management mode requires professional logistics companies to strengthen construction in infrastructure, personnel quality and information system.

A combination of web sites and traditional businesses. Traditional business especially chain business has the advantageous resources superiority, rich and reasonable items, high value-added services, efficient distribution system and so on, these are main body lacks e-commerce. The combination of e-commerce and traditional chain operation can give full play to their advantages, realize resource sharing and complement each other.

The development of e-commerce logistics in China

  1. The research on logistics theory is not systematic and in-depth. The research and practical application of logistics management theory have made great progress and many new theories have emerged. The researchers of logistics management in China have just come into contact with these new theories and need to be further digested and absorbed.

2. The infrastructure of e-commerce logistics enterprises is not yet perfect, and relatively few new technologies and new equipment are applied. Many e-commerce logistics enterprises to modern logistics concept, status and function of understanding is not enough, old facilities, logistics management computerization degree is low, cannot satisfy the requirement of the rapid development of electronic commerce.

3. "unable to comply", the system environment of e-commerce logistics development needs to be improved.

4. Relatively backward business environment, resulting in insufficient demand for e-commerce logistics services and low professional services. The majority of enterprises in our country are self-owned logistics, leading to the lack of full utilization of professional logistics agency services. A large number of products have a narrow range of services and a weak horizontal joint, unable to provide complete supply chain services and unable to meet customers' demands on timeliness and service quality.

5. Serious shortage of logistics personnel, unable to provide sufficient intellectual support for the establishment of new logistics system.

The development of e-commerce logistics several countermeasures

1.Strengthen the research of modern e-business and logistics theory, and absorb advanced ideas, theories and technologies from abroad. We can absorb foreign logistics management research, to learn from the electronic commerce logistics in developed countries, encourage the difficult problems of e-commerce logistics in theory research, little detours, shortcuts as far as possible, accelerate the development of China's e-commerce logistics.

2. Improve the standardization and standardization of logistics industry. The standardization and standardization of logistics industry is an important basis for improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics cost. The relevant departments of the state shall strengthen standardization and standardization of logistics, and promote the formation of uniform standards for logistics industry in China.

3. Actively develop a networked and socialized logistics service system. From the trend of global economic development and the provision of better service to customers, the network and socialization requirements of logistics services are becoming more and more intense. Logistics enterprises should attach importance to the development of logistics network, promote the integration of logistics enterprises, and develop the business alliance between logistics enterprises.

4. Improve the understanding of e-commerce logistics in the whole society. To promote e-commerce and e-commerce logistics, e-commerce is a revolution in the field of commerce, and e-commerce logistics is a revolution in logistics. In order to change the thought of heavy commercial flow and light logistics in the past, the logistics should be promoted to the status of competitive strategy.

5. Strengthen the training of logistics professionals. In colleges and universities to open logistics professional, establishing the system of e-commerce logistics research direction and study ways to develop modern logistics talents, can through the logistics industry associations to develop vocational education and dissemination of logistics knowledge, but also through the qualification authentication way to motivate people involved in the logistics industry, improve the overall quality of logistics practitioners.

6. Accelerate the implementation of domestic logistics and foreign logistics. The Internet has no borders, and the competition for e-commerce has started around the world. After China's accession to the WTO, the competition for this kind of truly global integration not only relates to the success or failure of enterprises, and is related to national rise and fall, one of the strategies to cope with the competition is quickly realize the internationalization of domestic logistics, to lay a solid foundation for China's enterprises to participate in international competition.

The logistics of e-commerce is the key to the development of e-commerce, and also the key factor that can truly reflect the advantages of e-commerce. In our country, e-commerce logistics is still almost blank, it is not realistic to solve the logistics problem of e-commerce in a short time. However, e-commerce logistics has great development space in our country and the development trend is very good. As long as we carefully study and research, combined with China's national conditions, make feasible measures and countermeasures, the bold exploration, can speed up the development of China's e-commerce logistics, reducing the gap between the logistics industry in developed countries.



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