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International import

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        Trump  specializing in mainland and Hong Kong (foreign) please bulk import and export business, the company network throughout Hong Kong and the pearl river delta, has a group of experienced, highly qualified staff, especially the customs ports in shenzhen has a good reputation and harmonious interpersonal relationship. It is safe and fast, reasonable, service and the customers.

        Suitable for the import of express items:

        1. Small bulk products, small quantities of samples and advertising products;

        2. Lack of some documents (such as no 3C certification);

        (3) emergency goods (factory production materials, machinery and equipment, accessories) that are not available for customs clearance procedures; 

        4. The various products that want to save cost and do not need VAT tickets;

        5. Personal use of goods. (no declaration information is required);

        6. International express delivery of special goods (e.g. fresh goods, food, medicine);

        7. There are insufficient indicators in the processing trade contract, or the contract has not been approved in time, and the goods are urgently needed to be imported.

Import and export agents (import and export all procedures).


      Hong Kong import category table:


       A class of goods:

File, paper bags, paper, label, instruction, cartons, color box, tag, sticker, color swatches, commercial book, plastic pipes, colloidal particles, plastic shell, sealing tape, plastic bags, film, tape, iron bars, iron, steel, pipe, door handles, steel, iron core, aluminium, spring, magnets, sandpaper, curtain accessories, umbrella accessories, metal shrapnel, screw, heel, buttons, vamp, the shoelaces, soles, elastic, woven belt, rope, yarn (cotton), fabric, satin, lace, zipper, tape (fabric) belt, ribbon, nylon rope, board, plastic foam, acrylic products, sponges, brushes, photos, photo frames, etc.

2 kinds of goods:

Electrode, lead, lead pipe, screen, grinding wheel, stone, lamp shell, oil stone, stone, grinding wheel, wire brush, plugs, sockets, faucet, shower head, the loudspeaker network, water machine accessories, ordinary heat sink, pen parts (no ink), belts, jewelry, handicrafts, toothbrush, seal, drum paper, tipping paper, paper, laser paper, foil paper, PU leather, plastic, porcelain cup mold, plastic toys, horn candles, finger sets, labor gloves, baby stroller and accessories, leather lead, pillowcases, beauty with a blindfold, etc

Types of goods:

Tubes, light bulbs, the silver cutlery, handbags, hats, belts, booth, gear, bag, nylon bag, gloves, socks, gas stove, suitcase, electric blanket, bicycle parts, common hardware tools (tap, screwdriver, hand tools such as scissors), hardware lock, electronic lock parts, gear, roller, pulley, vortex, turbine, CAM, shaft core, magnets, saw blade, industrial coil, mechanical seal, industrial belts, terminal blocks, transformers semi-finished products, cables, circuit boards, blank in low lathe accessories, spectacle frame, imitation jewelry, low lamp act the role ofing, ordinary lock, wash water, dried flowers, glass, ceramics, resin, stationery, toys, plastic buttons, already 嚗 light film, etc

Four types of goods:

Mobile phone charger, copper wire, enameled wire, household switch system, pointer multimeter, low drilling tsui, large motor, pump, dies, bearings, cast iron valves, blade, cutting tools, iron, insurance tube, watchcase, strap, spray gun, flashlights, lamps and lanterns, light boxes, fire cattle, shoot the light, oil filter, core, glue, clean water, detergents, paints, dyes, pigments, pigment, dyestuff, grinding paste, solder paste, solder paste, aluminum paste, lubricating oil, aromatic agent, silica gel, additives, sheepskin, leather, photo paper, carvings, clothes, thermometer, low-value sporting goods, carpet, furniture, empty cartridges, thermos flask, kitchen utensils and appliances, low-value lens, mobile phone shell, etc

Five types of goods:

Ram, Christmas gifts, headset accessories, ear drum, scarves, ties, underwear, shaping, meter, electric box, little electric light, heating rods, electric heating rings, electric heat pipe, hair hotline, meters, pony, industrial switch, piston ring, pneumatic tools, cooling fan, sewing machine parts, electronic pressure gauge, pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, thermometer, flow meter, speed switch, electric pulley, empty drum, antenna, printing ink, etc.

      Six kinds of cargo:

Mouse, mouthpiece, microphone, fan, heater, the console control rod, water filter, high value of the lens, mixer, rice cooker, shredders, electric frying pans, smoke lampblack machine, water heater, buzzer, computer speakers, pillar type batteries, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, quartz oscillator, power supplies, power tools, digital multimeter, solenoid valves, relays, telephone lines, radium shoots the light, hot melt adhesive machine, needle car, machinery with reducer, carbon powder, electric toys, senior lamp act the role ofing, sports equipment, etc

Seven kinds of cargo:

Lead batteries, sensors, electronic thermometer, speakers, induction door locks, smoke detector, rectifier, alarm, radiator, electronic cutting machine, machine control panel, low household electrical appliances, instruments, low-value, computer keyboards, games, machinist, ribbon, golf clubs, computer casings, fishing rod, etc

Eight kinds of cargo:

Cosmetics, controller, drives, intercom, electric ark, tape recorder, line machine, yanchao pen, with cylinder, induction machine box, inverter, programmer, timer, thermostat, industrial transformer, expensive sports equipment, bar code machine, printer, laser pen, hearing AIDS, electronic combination lock, low liquid crystal display, etc

Nine types of goods:

Scanners, fax machines, recorders, probes, microscopes, remote controls, computer cases, circuit boards, circuit boards, low-value displays, low-value converters, electronic digital boards, etc

Ten kinds of cargo:

A large number of goods, carbon drum, computer drives, cameras, electronic watch, watch movements, IC, lenses, medical equipment, headset, hard disk, display, senior SheLuXiang sound machine, chip, memory, CPU, oscilloscope, tester, mainframe computers, monitors, communications equipment accessories and other electronic components, industrial batteries, small mechanical equipment, etc



1. The quotation of the above goods is for reference only. The specific price is subject to the quotation of the company. Large quantities of goods can be discounted,

2. The sender must truthfully declare the name and value of the goods when delivering the goods. If the goods are worth more than hk $10,000, we must explain them to our company in advance. Our company is not responsible for any liability arising from the misdeclaration of the goods and the value of the goods. All responsibilities shall be borne by the sender, and our company reserves the right to hold accountable.

3. Freight unit: RMB/KG (RMB/KG); The settlement weight shall be an integer (i.e., less than 1 kilogram per kilogram);

4. The above quotation is the price of Hong Kong warehouse to shenzhen, excluding the delivery fee of Hong Kong; If you need to pick up the goods from our Hong Kong company, please refer to the Hong Kong bill of lading.

5. If the customer has not purchased the transport accident insurance, resulting in the accidental loss or damage of the goods, in accordance with the international practice, our company will compensate three times the freight cost.


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